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Visualise over 400 variables. Topics include age, religion, national identity and housing tenure.

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Unfortunately I have had to reduce the size of these maps to cut down on the costs I pay per map view. I am leaving this page online in case anyone requires it, but I encourage you to try DataShine or the Office for National Statistics' 2011 Census interactive section instead. - James

The data for this map was downloaded in R, using a script based on code from Alex Singleton's Open Atlas Project.

The Open Atlas Project provides a book of maps for each local authority area in England and Wales, at a much finer level of geographical detail than the map on this page.

Data: Adapted from data from the Office for National Statistics licensed under the Open Government Licence v.1.0. The data was downloaded from the Key Statistics tables on Nomis. The boundaries are from a generalised (simplified) file from the ONS Open Geography Portal.

The map is rendered using D3 and Leaflet. The code is largely based on tutorials by Mike Bostock and d3noob. The legend is based on a map by Ford Fessenden.